Sunburned & Snowblind

Tension belts, chipboard, ruby wood, spray, paint on the occasion of the exhibition Sunburned & Snowblind in the Simultanhalle, Cologne with Kalin Lindena 10 x 10 m, 2003

A room that thinks for you

Can you see on the surface of the water where it is above and below?

When I look in the mirror, I realize that the other person is always me, and yet something completely different. By confrontation with the other one recognizes the language of one’s counterpart. In this way, in the works of Kalin Lindena and Andreas Gehlen, a dialogue emerges that could be compared to a water wheel. They draw from the same sources and ask whether a water wheel could not also be a wind turbine.

The artists weave questions and answers from installation and mural painting that dissolve the boundaries between creation and contemplation. Contemplation is the hub of movement. It creates the possibility to let the other grow in order to be able to grow. That’s how the boundaries dissolve. A network of mutual references begins to emerge. A personal past combines with friendship and poetry.
“God only knows”, a tattoo Kalin Lindena designed for friends, quotes the Beach Boys and can be an example of the collaboration between the two artists. The question of where something comes from, whether it is one’s own, becomes so irrelevant. Through its creation, it is rethought, made into one’s own and yet remains connected to its history.
The past becomes present, the present remains a snapshot and does not want to be over. This is also reflected in the joint work that will be continued throughout the entire exhibition period.

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